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Alongside this, we will work with the Department for Education to understand women’s health topics that teachers feel less confident in teaching, and work to improve provision of high-quality teaching resources. Some written submissions called for more accountability and leadership for women’s health at a national and system level – for example, dedicated women’s health leads. We will 陰道益生菌 also continue our engagement directly with women, including through community groups and charities. We saw a huge level of support during the call for evidence and development of the vision and the strategy. The same level of collaboration and partnership will be just as important for realising our ambitions.

The Royal College of Nursing has also produced a women’s health pocket guide for nurses and midwives working with women. We are also funding tailored training places for different social care professions, along with portable care certificates and a digital skills passport so the workforce can evidence their skills and experience when switching employers. The theme of the Health and Wellbeing Fund 2022 to 2025 is women’s reproductive wellbeing in the workplace. A ‘hub-and-spoke’ model allows for women to access both within their own network, and to venture outside of it. ‘Hubs’ identified in each of the PCNs are commissioned to deliver the bulk of LARC provision and condition management.

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Powered by the rise in digital and proactive health, we’re unlocking new opportunities to use data and Artificial Intelligence to close this gender gap and improve healthcare for women across the world. Previous research has found that young Black women aged 40 or younger in the UK have a higher risk of breast cancer coming back than white women, despite having the same access to healthcare. Adding to this, Eric explained that COVID has opened people’s eyes to the possibilities of remote care but clarified that more work must be done.

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From April 2023, NHS England will be re-launching an integrated Op COURAGE service that brings together the currently 3 separate veteran mental health services into a single service. Women are waiting longer than ever for their care, and gynaecology waiting lists grew significantly during the pandemic. We are committed to reducing waiting times and improving patient experience across all specialty areas, including gynaecology and urogynaecology. To support the expansion of these new models, we have commissioned the NIHR-funded Birmingham, RAND Europe and Cambridge Rapid Evaluation Centre to carry out scoping work for an evaluation of existing women’s health hubs. When teaching RSHE, schools should seek to avoid segregating lessons, as educating both girls and boys on women’s health will help to improve the population’s awareness, and reduce stigma and taboos surrounding these topics.

And with increasing numbers of women in the workforce and no paid maternity leave, many women will both need and want a breast pump. However, if you or your service users cannot use the online survey, please email for a copy of the survey in PDF format. Please note, the government has recently held a 3-month consultation seeking views on whether to make permanent the current temporary measure allowing for home use of both pills for early medical abortion up to 10 weeks’ gestation.

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The continued uterus enlargement results in further displacement of the organs and increased pressure on the diaphragm. The bladder also has increased pressure on it and the ligaments surrounding the uterus are put under strain which can result in abdominal pain. The increase in abdominal pressure results in a poor pressure gradient for the blood to return from the legs, which often results in varicose veins and haemorrhoids. Try sitting up straight, with your back supported, and your legs straight out in front of you. Changes in posture throughout pregnancy often result in back pain and tension in the buttock region. This is usually caused by the muscles adapting to the ever changing anatomy of pregnancy, aiming to keep you upright, as your tummy enlarges.

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There have been over 5 million downloads of the Couch to 5K app, and more women than men download these apps. The Sport England This Girl Can campaign has also inspired millions of women to take action, return to or increase their levels of physical activity. We have developed safeguarding guidance for agencies and those working on the frontline that will sit alongside the legislation.

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